AtomPub Protocol (APP) Introduction

I’ve been doing some research for a project and have looked at the APP. I am writing a brief summary of APP and placing a few links here in this post for people’s reference.

The AtomPub Protocol is a RESTful webservice protocol which provides CRUD functionality to a server via a web service. I am thinking that the APP will be used in the project to allow partner content providers to “publish” content into the project site. The partner sites may have a web site with the content already and will be adding to their CMS workflow, or the partner may not have a site at all and the content only exists in the project. The partners will be able to create, retrieve, update, and delete content via this web service.

APP is used (and appears to have been created) as the basis for the Google Data APIs. One of the authors of the Protocol is a Google employee. I felt like it was a good idea to make use of an existing protocol that has actually been implemented and extended rather than making up our own protocol. I think that we will need to extend the protocol somewhat and the Google Data API documentation will be a model for our extension and documentation of the final protocol.

So here are some links about APP.

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