Google Analytics opens up API… got an interesting app in mind?

Google Analytics is now opening up its API to developers:

Large organizations and agencies now have a standardized platform for integrating Analytics data with their own business data. Developers can integrate Google Analytics into their existing products and create standalone applications that they sell. Users could see snapshots of their Analytics data in developer created dashboards and gadgets. Individuals and business owners will have opportunities to access their Google Analytics information in a variety of new ways.

The Data Export API is easy to use and provides read-only access to all your Analytics data. Any data that’s available through the standard Analytics web interface is available through the API. The Analytics API is a Google Data API. This is the same API protocol for Google Calendar, Finance and Webmaster Tools. If you’ve used any of these APIs, the Google Analytics Data Export API will look very familiar to you.

For the JavaScript and Java programming languages, we’ve provided client libraries to abstract and simplify the process. We’re also working on supporting more programming languages. In the meantime, for any programming language you want to use you can make requests directly to the API over HTTP and access the data in XML.

Anybody have an interesting visualization that would pull data in from Google Analytics? Make some proposals on this blog.

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3 Responses to “Google Analytics opens up API… got an interesting app in mind?”

  1. JLG says:

    Cool! I have definitely thought in the past that I wish I could make a dashboard page in the intranet to avoid going into the app. Particularly for adwords stats, and getting the true adwords query that led to a paid click.

    Another related feature that may take some build-out would be “keyword mining” where newly used keywords from searches bubble up; we’d need to be able to determine that a keyword was new, so does that mean storing them in our db?

    Ok, now the one i really wanted that MEC did a little research for is the keyword optimizer that combines google insight data with our harvested keywords such that i could determine of the keywords used _to reach us_, which are most popular for searches _in general_.

  2. JLG says:

    Actually, wouldn’t it be cool if we could create a single dashboard page that we could just include with every site we roll out and change the account and blam, instant dashboard? clients would love it, and it would be super re-usable.

    THis goes back to my “what are the common questions to answer in an “analytics checkup”? the trick is what info is worth presenting. does it still have value if you could just make the same dashboard by customizing the home page in your GA account? probably not. so what unique, custom combo of data could we show that GA doesn’t already make easy see?

  3. Jeff says:

    I’ve worked on something internally that compares the # of visits for a set of keywords over time. The Web interface for GA can plot visits for a single keyword over time, but it can’t compare two keywords.

    The solution is built in two parts. There’s a PHP script that uses the GA API to pull data from GA and stores it in a local mysql database. The chart then reads that database and performs a bit of aggregation on it then displays the graph.