Compliments to the graphic design chef

You have to feel pretty good when the vendor that is pitching you is apologizing for its own website after looking at yours. “Went wild with praise” is the operative term in the email thread below.

Nice work design team!

Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2010 11:23 AM

To: (Dir. Marketing)
Cc: (EVP)
Subject: IOA Web Design has the WOW! Factor

Hello –

This morning I explored some streaming video training possibilities with a group called (name removed to save embarrassment) out of St. Louis.  They can create a training site for us that can be modeled after our IOA branded look.  When I directed them to our website for a view of our “look” they went wild with praise.  “It’s a stand-out, wow it’s really beautiful, it makes you feel good, it’s professional, it’s perfect for your business”!

We then went back their homepage to continue the discussion and they started apologizing for how old school and boring their site looks.

(Director of HR)

One Response to “Compliments to the graphic design chef”

  1. Chi-Ming C. says:

    Very nice. Good job, folks.