Open APIs Are All The Rage

Everybody is calling everyone else, apparently, in a monster repackaging of data, re-presenting info on my website (please stay here, don’t go to the source) and especially via mobile apps. REST is killing SOAP. Some info on the numbers, republished from a ReadWriteWeb post:

Perhaps most illustrative is his “API Billionaire’s Club.”

Members of the club include Google and Facebook with 5 billion AP calls per day. Twitter has 3 billion per day. Ebay has 8 billion per month. NPR gets 1.1 billion calls per month for its API-delivered stories. gets 50% of its traffic through its API.

Full story here with some more interesting numbers.

One Response to “Open APIs Are All The Rage”

  1. Payments API says:

    Agreed. In any industry there seems to be a line forming as to how quickly an API announcement can be made. A colleague of mine was even discussing the increase in API discussions to being the new ‘web 2.0 buzz’.
    More here –

    APIs are at a turning point as technology has caught up to allow innovation on top of innovation to streamline processes.